Last update : 13/may/2024

CNConline is a project started in 2017 and aimed at projecting studios, free-lance designer, mechanical workshop and everyone who needs to know the component's cost
Its mission is to calculate in a scientific way the cost of the components obtained by removal of raw material
The quotation of your component by CNConline is easy and intuitive, you have to define only these input parameters :
  • Compoment mathematics (file .step .iges .stl)
  • Material and treatment
  • Machine allowerance
  • Machine (3/5axis, Lathe/Mill) and precision class

  • The components range are from simple plates to the molds with complex surfaces
    About the mold,a surface analyzer has been implemented to calculates, like the CAM, the tool paths and the relative times
    It is also available the analysis of the residual material to be removed (re-machining) and the control of the undercuts

    In the analysis of the component's cost an automatic observer has been implemented that controls and notify any anomalies and inefficiencies
    All the parameters that influence the calculation (hourly / fleet costs / tools and precision classes) are customizable and easy to access
    CNConline is a continuously evolving software with the goal of keeping close to your business

    The price quotation can be stored, transformed into orders and so you can manage the workload of each machine by the calendar
    It is possible to create the file .pdf of the components worksheet with all the data for the CAM and for the execution

    We use the best of tecnologies available

    CNConline use a customized tecnology based on several years on CNC machine experience

    ⭕ If you want to let us know your ideas about it ...

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