Last update : 13/may/2024

Typical workflow

Modify quote's parameters

  • Material cost
  • Material removal capacity
  • Roughing tool list
  • Finishing parameters
  • Half finishing parameters
  • Spheric head finishing tool list
  • Click on the feature to modify parameters
  • You could modify parameters like : fixed cost, cut cost, CNC program cost, machine setup cost
  • Check advices
  • Look to costs subdivision
  • Manage Special Raw material by 3D file

  • Load special raw material by selecting your 3D file
  • Check file loaded in the 3D view
  • Generare work phases and operations
  • Generare and simulate tool path
  • Quotations ans Orders Manager

    Raw materials Compute

    Some samples

    CAM module video (Tool path)

    Computing Cycle Time

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